The Guide to Moving Internationally

Moving to a new country requires effective planning and organization. Here are six moving tips that you should complete prior to your international move.

  1. Organize: The best way to save space is to pack related items together. For electronics, pack all related equipment (cords, chargers) in one bag. Get rid of excess cords that you will not need. For important paperwork, designate a folder. Making a checklist that you can access from any device is helpful for keeping yourself on track.
  2. Sell, Store or Ship:Moving is a perfect excuse to go through belongings. If an item has not been used or worn within a year, it’s time to say goodbye. Filtering through belongings frees up space and declutters.
  3. Paperwork:Moving to another country requires a significant amount of documentation. Be sure to fill out all necessary paperwork and make copies well in advance of your move. Get in touch with family members and friends to inform them of your new address and contact your local post office to redirect your mail to your new address. For voting, check international voting regulations here.
  4. Shipping vs. Storage:Large items such as furniture or cars are very expensive to move internationally. Calculate carefully to determine if it makes sense to transport these larger items or to purchase new ones upon arrival at your new home.
  5. Medical: It takes a considerable amount of time to receive health care in a different country. Before moving, schedule a checkup. Proof of vaccinations will more than likely be required for children in any country so make sure that you have a copy of all vaccination records.
  6. Finances:If possible, meet with an accountant prior to moving. There are several questions you should go over with them. Will you become a non-resident for tax purposes? In which country will you be required to pay taxes? What can you do to reduce your taxes? How can you make sure that you do not get double-taxed? Secure access to your finances upon arrival in the new country.

Following these steps will help your international move go smoothly.

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