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Employee Relocation Services

More than just a moving company 

Keeping your business moving and keeping your employees focused

When an employee relocates because of a new job or position, it’s the start of the next chapter of their lives – an exciting and eventful time that deserves their full focus and attention. They should be looking forward to the next part of their journey – not attending to small details. That’s our job. 

As a full-service relocation management company, we coordinate and manage every aspect of your employees’ moves. We work with you to develop customized relocation packages so you can attract and retain the best employees in addition to helping your employees’ families find a new home and community. 

Our employee relocation services include:

  • Policy Consultation and Development
  • Departure and Destination Services
  • Expense Management and Regulatory Compliance
  • Move Management
  • Global Assignment Services

No matter the move, we know what to do 

Whether you’re relocating across 50, 500 or 5,000 miles, the employee relocation team at Interstate is there for your employees every step of the way. From policy development for the HR team to departure and destination services for the employees, we are your full-service relocation management partner for any relocation services you may need. 

Need help managing your company’s employee relocation program?

As one of the top family-owned and fully independent relocation management companies in the nation, we’ll help get them there.

There for you and your employees every step of the way

Our relocation team focuses on the details of each and every move so your employees can keep their focus on their work, and you can feel confident knowing everything’s taken care of. 

We understand that employee relocations are a big step for both you and your employees. To help ease the transition, we offer these additional services to your employees as part of our suite of relocation services: 

  • Personalized needs assessments
  • Counseling on relocation benefits and entitlements
  • Advice on what to expect during the relocation process
  • Home selling and buying assistance
  • Assistance with estimating and managing expenses
  • Consistent communication with employees and service partners
Certified experts for confident relocations

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified business, we’re continuously evaluating and improving our quality management operations to meet the highest standards and keep our customers’ businesses moving.

The proof is in the pudding
Brian Luben, Functional Analyst at global aerospace and defense corporation

“I have been working directly with Interstate Relocation Services for three years, as they have supported a team of 300+ geographically dispersed IT professionals deployed to 4 countries and 6 separate locations in Europe and Africa.

Their support to our team has been excellent, and of particular note, they have upped the ante on the level of service we have received since joining the Interstate Relocation team.  All the while, they have made my job much more manageable and have succeeded in doing so at a particularly busy time for relocations and repatriations for our team. I am pleased with the level service provided by Interstate Relocation and would not hesitate to utilize them for my own personal moving needs.”

Director of Human Resources, global innovation company

“It is important in my role in Human Resources to maintain a neutral and positive relationship with our new team members. Many times, in the past, I had to approve, negotiate or deny certain relocation expenses, which put both myself and our new employee in an awkward position.  Additionally, navigating all of the recent tax law changes related to relocation became a challenge.

This transition has taken me out of the relocation management business and has allowed me to be the supportive HR professional.  My team members are thrilled to be interacting with professionals who understand their needs, have properly vetted vendors and the regulatory aspects of relocation.  They know everything is being handled properly. It’s a win/win and we are happy and confident in our partnership with Interstate Relocation.”

Director of Human Resources, world’s largest scientific society

“During our 4+ years of partnership with Interstate Relocation Services, we have been pleased with the knowledge and care that has been demonstrated to our domestic candidates and employees alike. The staff at Interstate is responsive to our needs and efficiently administers our relocation program.”