Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Interstate have a minimum weight for a shipment?
Minimum weight restrictions may apply during certain times of the year. We always strive to provide affordable solutions to meet your specific needs.

Will Interstate move non-perishable foods?
We will move them as long as the package or container is not open.

Will Interstate move gas grills?
Yes, but only if the propane tank is professionally purged and tagged as such.

What items are restricted?
For the protection of your possessions, the following items cannot be packed or loaded into vans: live plants, aerosol cans, ammunition, bleach, flammables, fluorescent bulbs and liquor. Additionally, liquids in glass containers that may expand or contract in high or low temperatures and valuable items such as coin or stamp collections, jewelry, cash, stock certificates, etc. are not permitted.

Will Interstate take pictures or curtains down to pack?
No. The customer should do this prior to packers arriving.

Will movers go into attics and crawl spaces?
For the safety of our Move Team, we are unable to enter attics with pull-down stairs or unfinished floors. Additionally, we are unable to enter crawl spaces if a person cannot stand upright.

The carrier has two inventory forms: A Household Goods Inventory and a Articles of Extraordinary Value. Must I use both?
Yes. The Household Goods Inventory lists every item and box removed from your home, and it details the condition of the property. The Articles of Extraordinary Value form is for itemization of items of unusually high value such as artwork, electronics, crystal, china and antiques. This alerts the carrier to the presence and value of these items and your concern for their care. Both inventories are useful in the event of a claim. It is recommended that you personally take items of irreplaceable value with you. These items include jewelry, pictures and important documents, such as medical records.

What is a third-party service provider, and what does it do?
A third-party service provider is a certified company hired to perform tasks that the moving company is not qualified or authorized to perform, such as disconnecting hard-wire electrical fixtures, dismantling pool tables, preparing Grandfather clocks, disconnecting gas appliances, etc.

Do Interstate vans park in driveways?
No, unless a driveway waiver is signed. The weight of our trucks can cause damage to asphalt or concrete.

How will Interstate keep me posted on times for pack/load/delivery?
We have a dedicated Move Manager who will provide packing and loading times and will check in with you each day to make everything is proceeding smoothly. We also will give you a 24-hour delivery notice.

Can Interstate return later to pick up my debris in lieu of unpacking?
Yes, but there will be a nominal charge.

Can I monitor the status of my move online?
Yes. Customers can monitor their shipments via Interstate's Shipment Tracking.

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