You're Moving Overseas! - Are your personal belongings truly protected?

Thinking about moving your personal belongings overseas?

Many clients, regardless of their origin country, who are relocating to another foreign location for work or personal reasons do not realize the potential threats to their belongings. They often think that any damage or loss created is solely due to the crews handling their goods during the packing and loading process or destination delivery.

Protecting your personal belongings starts with education on the perils that can befall a shipment regardless of where it begins and ends. All too often those shipping belongings are unaware of what other things such as Acts of God (severe weather conditions), gross negligence on behalf of a sea captain, or other calamity may impact the condition of their household goods during transit from residence to residence.

This photo illustrates how you need to be aware that Ocean Carriers are limited to a maximum liability of $500 per ocean container, regardless of content. If this were to happen to you, will your international forwarder-provided insurance or your own insurance actually fully cover your loss?

Probably not! You see, your forwarder will tell you that you have “All Risk” coverage. All Risk coverage however does not include all perils! All Risk covers items that are broken and damaged, if professionally packed. It does not include “Acts of God”, mold and mildew, pairs and sets, loss of value to antiques, electrical and mechanical derangement, inherent vice and other issues that may arise in an international relocation of household goods.

Read your policy closely and ask questions.


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