Watch Out for Additional Costs of Moving

Additional costs for moving can make your final cost higher than your original moving estimate. Use these tips to better prepare for and help avoid any extra costs!

  • Packing Supplies/Labor: The estimate that you receive from a moving company does not always account for all packing supplies and labor costs. During a move, additional boxes, materials or labor may be needed. These fees are in addition to your moving estimate.
  • Additional Charges for Bulky Items: If you are transporting an item that is unusually shaped or heavier than expected, additional moving fees may occur. If you have a larger item to move, such as a piano, inform your moving company beforehand.
  • Carrying Fees: If the moving truck cannot park close to the residence, an additional fee may be incurred depending on how far away the truck has to park. If possible, obtain a parking space directly in front of your residence. If an elevator has to be used, an additional charge may be applied.
  • Storage: If a move takes longer than expected and you are forced to put items into storage, additional costs will occur.
  • Cancellation Fee: If you have to cancel your move, a cancellation fee will be associated. It is important to thoroughly understand your contract regarding cancellations prior to moving day.
  • Fuel Costs: Some companies do not explicitly state the fuel cost for a move. Ask your moving consultant what portion of the fuel you will be responsible for.
  • Extra Stops: If you need to make a stop during your move, an additional charge will be associated.
  • Understand Your Contract: To avoid moving scams, conduct prior research about the moving company you choose. Look at reviews and customer satisfaction ratings to ensure you are picking a reliable company. Further, understand the contract that you are signing. This helps you become aware of additional charges and resources that the moving company offers.

    By fully understanding your moving contract, you can avoid extra expenses!

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