Tips from the Pro: Designate a “Safe Place” for Do Not Move Items.

Moving day is rapidly approaching. As you’re packing, you’re probably thinking of the things that you want to take with you as you travel to your new home: a few days and nights of clothing for you and your family, medication, toiletries, pet food, toilet paper, batteries, a flashlight, cleaning supplies to get your new space ready, etc.

You’ll want to designate a special place, where you can put a sign on top of your suitcase that says “DO NOT PACK. NOT MOVING”. Be sure to designate a bathroom and not a closet as a safe place for these particular items. Why? Doors may need to be closed in order to move furniture out of the room, which can lead to confusion and items being left behind. The last thing you need is to watch the truck leave the curb, and then find a closet that wasn’t packed or still has boxes in it that were meant to go.

After you designate a bathroom, alert your Move Team during your walk through. If you have packing needs in the bathroom, consider moving your Do Not Move items to the bed, or place them in your shower so they are out of the way. 

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