Protecting Valuables

To fully ensure your possessions arrive at their new home in excellent condition preparation by you is important. Upon booking a move, you will be asked to take inventory of all items that will be moved by Interstate. The list should include everything that you have packed with all boxes, crates and containers, clearly marked with the contents and room in which the items will be placed at the destination location.

The list does not need to include items such as furniture (unless antiques), tools, electronics, computers or oversized household goods that will need special packing. The list you compile will help determine the total value of the shipment and assist Interstate in determining which pieces need special handling and protection.

High value items such as jewelry, coin, stamp and other collections; heirlooms or antiques; precious stones and metals; and valuable artwork should be separated so that special consideration is given to their packing. Mark "FRAGILE" clearly on the top of the box and do not place on the bottom of a pile of packed boxes. The driver must have a description of high value item boxes’ contents before moving it onto the truck.

Make sure any special instructions are clearly visible and understood by the packers and movers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I protect my "High-Value Items"?

Interstate will assist you with all the necessary forms regarding "High-Value Items." The forms should be completed before the move begins and serves as an inventory of your valuables. They also indicate to Interstate which items may require special care and helps you understand your responsibilities.

What Protection Plans Does Interstate offer?

As is standard in the industry, Interstate offers basic cargo protection for your belongings. This coverage is limited to 60 cents per pound per article at no cost to you. However, you may choose to elect Full Replacement Valuation or full value protection, an affordable choice for peace of mind. The Full Replacement Valuation Protection has a $500 deductible but offers premium coverage at $5.00 per $1,000 of declared value. Important: Vehicles are the only exception to replacement value protection. There is no deductible on this coverage. A claim is placed with your insurance carrier.

Is there a minimum declared value you can place on your household goods for Full Replacement Valuation?

Yes, you must declare a value equal to five times the weight of your shipment or a minimum value of $5,000, whichever is greater. If your shipment weighs 10,000 pounds, then you must declare a minimum of $50,000 value. If your shipment weighs 2,000 pounds then the minimum declared value allowed is $10,000.

We’ve moved over two million families since 1943 and we want you to understand your options and be confident in your decisions. Whichever plan you are considering, please don't hesitate to ask your Interstate Move Consultant.

I have several valuable antiques. Can I declare value just for these items?

A declared value is determined for you entire shipment. You should include the value of these items in the total declared value of your shipment. Your Interstate Move Consultant will assist you with any uncertainty.

What are "articles of exceptional value"?

These are items you are going to include in your household goods shipment that are valued at more than $2,000 each or more than $100 per pound for each article.

What tips for packing will help protect my items?

Poor packing is the most common cause of breakage during a move. Transporting fragile, delicate items safely involves a lot more than simply stuffing them in boxes. You can rest-assured that Interstate will help you with all your packing needs, starting with trained professionals who have time-proven techniques and methods to show you the correct way to pack your valuables and household items.

What materials are available for packing?

We use the most size appropriate cartons for different items, state of the art packing materials to cushion and protect the contents, and proprietary packing methods to ensure a safe trip. We use wooden crates for crystal chandeliers, pool table slates and antiques. When you trust your whole move to Interstate, you save time you probably can't spare, save worry you most likely don't need, and save costs you didn't expect.

What items will not be accepted for transport?

Interstate cannot accept aerosols, caustic drain cleaners and flammables such as gasoline, charcoal starter, paint thinner, ammunition and bottled gas. Additional items not accepted include open containers of alcohol. 

How do I file a claim for loss or damage? How long will it take to process?

Immediately contact the Interstate Customer Service Department or begin the process conveniently with your computer using our Online Claim Filing. For long distance and intrastate moves, you have nine months from the date of delivery to file. For local moves and storage, you have sixty days from the date of delivery to file. There are several exceptions so it is best to speak with our Customer Service. Once the claim and ALL supporting documents are received, a claim examiner will be assigned and provide a point of contact for all correspondence. As with any claim, an inspection process may be required. If an inspection is required, the process for the settlement may lengthen the process.

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