Moving with Pets

Consult with Your Vet

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian about your pet before making any plans. Depending on the age and physical condition of your pet, your vet may have some specific recommendations, such as medication to prevent motion sickness.

Flying with Your Pet

If you plan to fly your pet to a new location, check with your specific airline and make your reservations early. A health certificate will be required. You will also need to check on the availability of a crate. All crates on the airplane must meet standards for size, strength and ventilation.

Driving With Your Pet

If your pet is not accustomed to being in the car, take the pet on several short trips three or four weeks prior to your moving date so they can acclimate themselves to a moving vehicle. On moving day, take along some of your pet's favorite toys. Make hotel reservations at least three weeks in advance and reconfirm your reservations 24 hours before you leave. The AAA can provide you with a list of pet friendly hotels.

Pet Transportation Service

Pet transportation services are convenient and offer the following services:

  • Door-to-door pick up and delivery
  • Health certificates and permits
  • Custom built crates
  • Kennel arrangements
  • Names of recommended veterinarians in the new location

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