Your children's responses to moving will be as individual as your children. As a parent there are steps you can take to ensure your move is a positive experience for your children.

Helpful Hints

  • Share the news early. As soon as you know you are moving, plan a family meeting and share the details of the move to answer all of your children's questions about the upcoming move.
  • Whenever possible, involve your children in the home search. If you are unable to take them with you, take pictures of your new home, their new school and the neighborhood. Teens are especially interested in their new schools.
  • Research children's activities in the new location. Find out what sports and other recreational activities are available in the new area.
  • Let your children plan and decorate their new bedrooms. Have them make a plan of where they want their furniture placed and what colors they may want in their new rooms.
  • Help your children say "goodbye" to their friends. Plan a going away party and make sure your children have the mailing and e-mail addresses of all of their close friends before you leave town.
  • Allow your children to pack a carry-on bag of their favorite things - two or three items that can be carried in a car or on a plane. Having these items immediately upon arrival will help the move to a new home an easier transition.
  • Once in your new location, provide your children with note cards and stamps to write quick notes to their friends in their old neighborhood.
  • Stay positive throughout the move process. Your attitude will influence your children's attitude. A positive approach will help ensure a smoother relocation for the entire family.
  • There are many excellent books about moving written for children. An Interstate Move Counsultant can recommend several to you.

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