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How to Properly
Assemble a Moving Box.

Ed Mattern, Interstate’s Director of Quality Control and Training teaches us how to properly assemble and tape a box for your next move. Learning how to properly assemble and securely tape a box ensures that your goods are safely packed for transit.


How to Plan for a Move

Interstate moving teams demonstrate how to plan for a move. Interstate's host, Ed Mattern, gives an overview of the topics that will be covered in the video series. The series includes: How to Plan for a Move; Choosing a Method of Moving; Selecting a Moving Company; 2-4 Weeks Before Move; One Week Prior to the Move; The day of The Move; and Moving Yourself.


How to Plan for a Move
Moving Yourself

Interstate equips you with the information you need to successfully move if you choose not to hire a moving company. This informative video will save you time, energy, and money if you are planning or considering moving. 


How to Plan for a Move
The Day of the Move

Interstate does not want you to miss this important video that will help you avoid potential issues on moving day. Topics covered are planning ahead, being organized, making necessary travel arrangements, and staying on top of your moving-day schedule.


Selecting a Moving Company

In this video, Interstate covers how to select a moving company, and explains how important certifications, licenses, and training are when choosing a moving company. Host, Ed Mattern, encourages those planning a move to take a tour of the moving company's facilities. He also provides helpful tips on the questions to ask movers during the interview process. You'll also learn what to ask about the relocation process and pricing, how items are packed and unpacked, as well as assembled and disassembled.


Choosing a Moving Method

Interstate discusses two methods to consider when planning for a move. The first method to consider is self-moving and second is hiring a professional mover. Tips in this video will help those moving be more informed about moving estimates, confident in understanding what to look for in a mover, and organized during the moving process.

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