Practice Makes Perfect: Interstate’s Innovative Talking Training House.

In 1976, Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics unveiled one of the greatest examples of its commitment to excellence in quality and customer service, a fully furnished, on-site training house.  Thirty-eight years later, Interstate’s training house continues to impress and plays a vital role in the 80 hours of education and training required for new employees.

Interstate’s training house is comprised of four rooms:  a kitchen with dining area, a living room, and two bedrooms.  Along with the myriad items to be packed and various pieces of furniture to be wrapped, Interstate’s training house boasts, quite literally, several other ‘talking points’.  The doorbell enthusiastically welcomes visitors to enter the site and proceeds to inform them of its historical background.  The house is also equipped with recorded instructional messages which can be activated to draw attention to any pieces requiring special handling.

Just this past year, the kitchen and its cabinetry have been updated and expanded to allow for greater inventory and a fuller packing experience during training.  This kitchen offers our employees the chance to become familiar with the safest packing techniques through hands-on experience.  New employees will be instructed and have the opportunity to pack various items including plates and cups, stemware, serving sets, tea sets, pots, and pans.  Before Interstate allows its new employees to handle customers’ delicate glassware, we make sure they can safely handle ours first!

The living room area includes opportunities for newcomers to master the preparation and moving techniques for many everyday pieces of furniture, like the sleeper sofa, to more extravagant pieces such as a piano.  A grandfather clock stands tall over the room and trainees are informed about the importance of properly handling its weights and pendulum prior to packing the clock itself.  The living room also includes lamps, delicate figurines and decorations, large hanging pictures, as well as glass tops on the end table and sofa table.

The bedrooms feature chests of drawers, triple dressers and their mirrors, a large television cabinet, a bunk bed, and a queen size four-poster bed.  Trainees are instructed on how to prepare all of these pieces and of the importance of properly packing the hardware for the beds and dresser mirrors.  Once all of the items throughout the house are packed, and the furniture is padded and wrapped using our exclusive UltraPak® method, trainees learn how to negotiate their way out of the house utilizing the knowledge and lifting techniques acquired during the course of their training.

Along with the classroom and mock truck waiting just outside its front door, Interstate’s on-site training house is the cornerstone of a comprehensive educational experience for new members of our moving team.  Going forward, it will continue to help us demonstrate the high level of dedication, discipline, and attention to detail required for delivering the very best Top Hat Service® to our customers!


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