Moving Tips: How to Declutter

Moving is the perfect opportunity to organize your belongings. Since you have to go through all your belongings to pack them anyway, use this time to decide what you truly want and need in your new home. Keep reading for some ways to get started!

  1. Donate or Sell: Many of us have kept clothes, furniture, or any number of other household belongings around, thinking that we’ll use them someday, only to have them collect dust in a closet. If the item you’re considering has not been used for more than a year and does not have any sentimental value, donate or trash it. For some extra cash, have a yard sale and sell the items at a reasonable price.
  2. Repurpose: This can be anything from taking all of the hundreds of broken crayons from your kids’ desks and melting them to create new ones, to repurposing an old table into a nightstand with a fresh coat of paint. Look for creative ways to update your old things to work in your new home without spending a lot of money. Have fun with this, and get the whole family involved!
  3. Giveaways: Invite your friends over to look through the belongings you are not planning on taking with you, and invite them to take some home. This gets rid of excess items and gives your belongings a new, loving home.
  4. Recycle/Dispose: If an item is beyond repair or broken, it’s time to recycle it. Make sure to get rid of items the proper way. Recycle what you can, and read this guide for more information on how to properly dispose of unwanted items.

It’s never easy to clean out your belongings, but doing so will make your move easier and will feel so rewarding once you’re done. Time to say goodbye to that extra clutter!

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