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More than just digital infrastructure…

Technology advances and the COVID-19 pandemic have fundamentally altered the data center landscape

Greater access to internet-related services during worldwide government lockdowns, lower connectivity costs and improved security from cloud and edge computing technologies, and higher efficiency and resiliency from hyperscale and colocation solutions are shaping the data center landscape in the post-pandemic environment.

If your post-pandemic planning includes modernizing and extending your data center network – or simply moving or relocating to another location – we can help.

Data center server migrations and data center relocations are complex

Now more than ever, technology and data centers are at the heart of your business. If they go down, it can be near impossible to get work done. So when you’re moving to a new location and those precious servers and other vital technology components need to be moved or migrated — getting them where they need to be without getting damaged or arriving late is a high priority. 

As a leading technology and data center relocation services provider, Interstate lays the groundwork for a smooth relocation by analyzing and surveying your needs and prepping your space to minimize the risk of damage, disruption and inconvenience. We set and manage the strategy for your data center server migration or data center relocation to keep your business running. 

Personal attention for a personalized approach

We understand the importance of keeping your servers and data centers online, which is why we assign a dedicated project manager to work with your team, along with our logisticians, packers, movers, installers and other move professionals to make your data center server migration or relocation as smooth as possible. Our consultative project planning and management approach to data center moves includes considerations for managing logistics costs, coordinating transport, managing chain of custody, insurance coverage, storage and security escorts.

Whether it’s moving or decommissioning computer servers, racks or peripherals, complete labs or employee workstations, we are the IT movers that have the know-how and experience in de-racking, packing, securely transporting, re-racking, degaussing, storing and recycling your technology equipment. Our partnership with C2 Management, an industry leader in the asset recovery and electronics recycling industries, ensures electronics are disposed of properly and safely.

Technology and Data Center Services
Asset and Facility Management: Keeping Your Assets Together and Accounted For.

Integration for Staff & Facilities Support

Order Processing & Fulfillment

Inventory Management

Project Management: Managing Your Data Center Relocation from End to End.

Auditing & Inspection

Budgeting & Scheduling

Vendor/Supplier Management

Warehousing and Distribution: Safe and Secure Storage for Your Assets’ Time Away.

Asset Management

Shared & Dedicated Options

Data Center Operations: Tracking and Tagging so You Always Know Where Your Hardware Is.

Receiving & Deployment

Asset Tagging & Labeling

Meticulously Managed Chain-of-Custody 

Equipment Tracking

On-Site Support

Shipping and Transportation: Computer Equipment Movers at Their Best.

Domestic and International

Secure Transport

Continuous Chain of Custody

GPS-Equipped Fleet

Climate-Controlled Trucks

Specialized Services: Answering All Your Needs.

Lease Returns

Recycling, Disposal & Disposition

Remarketing & Reuse

Secure Data Destruction with Certificates of Destruction, If Needed

See what our customers are saying…
Interstate logistics team members are very responsive, experienced problem solvers who are dedicated to successful partnerships and customer success.

Mark Dunn, President & Co-Founder

Premier Data Center Services

Interstate brought the full package – warehousing, logistics and transportation – to an enterprise wide technology upgrade and refurbishment project. Over the course of several months, they provided a level of flexibility and capability that showed they were a true partner in our success.

Mia Eckstein

Beacon Hill Technologies

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