HP - Federal Services Group

Project Name: Federal Services Group

Project Length: 2004 - Present

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a leading technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses, and institutions that operate in more than 170 countries around the world. They hold status as a government contractor specializing in IT solutions.

Interstate Logistics has arranged logistics and relocation services for Hewlett Packard since 2004 with specialization in transportation management and asset installation. They work with HP's federal services sector to provide transportation management of new and existing networks and server equipment throughout the United States. As a preferred contractor, Interstate is required to maintain security clearance, overseeing all domestic and international shipping, carrier contract negotiations, shipment allocation, equipment preparation, delivery, claims resolution, and vendor performance. Deliveries are time specific to meet technician requests. Interstate provides installation assistance of HP equipment when necessary. Project benchmarks include a two-hour response time for pricing and project scheduling, on time pickup and delivery, and a 'no damage' policy. Many jobs are completed after business hours to meet next day deadlines.

Interstate has completed more than 600 shipments to date with an average shipment containing ten to thirty assets. Interstate's tailored packaging and prepping techniques have successfully remained claim free since 2004. Interstate’s record of 99.51% for 'on time pickup' and 99.24% for 'on time delivery has proven their ability to meet client benchmarks.