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National Moving Company

Moving – whether it’s across the street, city, country or the ocean – can be a stressful experience. Between all the planning, making your budgets work, timing, packing and other details, there’s suddenly a world of “to dos” on your list.

Interstate Overseas Moving Specialists & Shipping Services

Overseas Moving

You’re relocating, but not to just somewhere in the U.S.; you’re heading across the seas. So, what normally might seem to be a reasonable level of move-related stress, likely jumps to a highly elevated stress level, considering all the logistics, timing, customs issues and costs involved – especially foreign exchange rates.

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Long Distance Moving

When it comes to long-distance moves, Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics is with you, every step of the way! We’re one of America’s premier, full-service, long distance moving companies with the in-house, professional team, resources, experience and know-how to transport your belongings safely and securely from here to there, whether your move is across town, across the country or across the oceans.

Best Cross Country Moving Company with Professional Movers

Cross Country Moving

Moving is stressful. Period. Moving cross-country can be ultra-stressful, since the logistics, timing and the countless other details associated with such moves often can be much more complex. And, not many people have experience with multiple, cross-country moves, so just confronting a new “mission” like that with all its intangibles and unknowable elements can be daunting, indeed.

Get Local Moving Services with Professional Packers & Movers

Local Moving Services

Looking for a local mover with the people, professional experience, expertise and resources to ensure that, whether you’re moving down the block, downtown or across the Greater DC region, your possessions will arrive safely, on-time and on-budget and your stress level about the move is nearly nonexistent? Think Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics.

Get Office Moving Services by Certified Commercial Movers

Office Moving Services

Office moves can be filled with excitement and high anxiety. Sure, you’re moving to a new location, which hopefully is a better fit for the needs of your employees and business model. But for the person responsible for orchestrating the office move – finding the right mover, pricing out the move, managing the pre-move packing, timing everything so as not to be “down” for any longer than necessary – it can be the cause of many sleepless nights.

Find Moving Companies & Best Trained Movers in Washington DC

Washington DC Moving Company

Sometimes, even a local move can be as complex and stressful as a move across the country. Sure, the distance is much shorter, but the “to do” list is pretty much the same: Finding the right mover; getting everything scheduled and confirming your move-in date; wrapping and packing your possessions; moving out/moving in etc. And, in between the “to do” lines are lots of challenges that can cost you time, money and, as we said, lots of stress.

Call the Top Office Moving Company in Washington DC Area

Washington DC Office Moving

For more than 70 years, Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics has been moving Washington area families and businesses. Our signature “Interstate green” moving vans are fixtures on local roads and highways – you see them everywhere! While you may assume that we are helping a family move from Ballston to Bethesda or Bowie to Burke, the trucks you see on the road may actually be relocating a business.

Hire one of the Best Moving Companies in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Moving Company 

Look around online and you’ll see lots of listings for Northern Virginia Moving Companies. So many choices. So, how do you know which to choose? Who has the trained crews of packers, movers, logisticians and focused, responsive, customer service professionals to help you get your valuable possessions from here to there, with no muss, no fuss, no stress and no outrageous bill?

Find a Moving Company in Maryland with a Professional Team

Maryland Moving Company

You know those distinctive, green moving vans you see frequently on the Beltway and in and around the streets of Maryland, DC and Virginia? Well, those vans belong to Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics -- “Interstate” -- and that signature “Interstate green” has become widely known to people who need the efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism of a one-stop moving and storage company.

Professional Logistics Consulting & Services Moving Company

Logistics Consulting & Services

When it comes to logistics consulting and services, no other company is better at effectively managing your move to optimally minimize costs and maximize safety, security and on-time/on-budget delivery. That’s why businesses and organizations everywhere rely on Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics – “Interstate” – for its exceptional team of logistics consulting and services professionals.

Get International Logistics Solutions with Excellent Service

International Logistics Solutions

Interstate is proud of our international logistics solutions and our global reputation for safely and securely delivering a broad spectrum of business, electronics and other equipment; household goods; automobiles; exhibits and more. Our customer-centric focus and our corporate-wide commitment to Top Hat Service provide every customer with complete peace of mind during every aspect of the moving process.

Full Service Overseas Freight Forwarder & Shipping Company

Overseas Freight Services

Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics – “Interstate” – is a global provider of overseas freight and logistics solutions acknowledged as an innovative industry leader. Wherever your freight is going – Puerto Rico, Guam, Singapore, Canada, Russia, Western Europe or anywhere -- Interstate delivers overseas freight with detailed attention to timetables, budgets, logistics, customs requirements and TLC-handling of your shipments.

Healthcare Logistics Solutions & Medical Equipment Moving

Healthcare Logistics Solutions

Do you have sensitive medical and electronic equipment to move down the street, across town, across the country or around the world? Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics – “Interstate” – is known as a premier mover of high-value and sensitive equipment.

For Data Center Moves Your #1 provider is Interstate Moving

Data Center Moves

A business move can be a “good news/bad news” proposition. On one hand, a move often can mean that your business is growing and needs more room in more places. On the other hand, the stress and angst often associated with complex moves – especially those requiring data center moves -- can cause a lot of sleepless nights for the person responsible.

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