Want to Make Moving Day Go Smoothly? Tips from a Professional Moving Crew

Whether you’re moving into a new home or getting ready to leave your old one, moving day can be a stressful and hectic affair. To keep things going smoothly and complete your move as quickly as possible, keep these helpful tips in mind.

  • Schedule other maintenance for another day: It’s understandable to want your cable installed and walls painted as quickly as possible, but scheduling other workers to get work done while your movers are going in and out can drastically slow things down. If a room is being painted or a TV mounted, your movers can’t move freely and safely about the house, and if furniture can’t go in its proper place during move-in, that just means more work for you later.
  • Have a general idea of where your furniture will go: On the same note, nothing slows down a move-in more than having to move the same furniture twice. When your movers come out of the truck with your living room couch, know where in the room it’s going to go.
  • Provide water: It may seem like a small gesture to you, but having a pack of water bottles available for your movers can go a long way toward ensuring their hydration. A well-hydrated crew moves much faster than a thirsty one!
  • Alert your neighbors to have their cars out of the way: Moving trucks are big and can often take up an entire street. Once a truck is parked and the loading/unloading process begins, it takes a lot of preparation before it can be moved again. Neighbors who are in a hurry to get to work or pick up their kids from school can get boxed into their driveways. Let them know ahead of time that the truck will be there so that they have a chance to make accommodations.
  • Label what goes and what doesn’t: On move-out day, you’ll probably find several items in your home that your movers won’t be taking with them. In order to prevent anything from being mistakenly loaded, put sticky notes on items that you don’t want your movers to put onto the truck, or better yet, place them in an empty closet and mark the door with a “do not move” sign.
  • Let your movers do their jobs: Your furniture and personal items are extremely important to you, particularly that antique rocking chair your grandfather left you. We understand that you want to ensure nothing is damaged, but trust your movers; they’re professionals!

Your movers have the same goals as you on moving day. They want to finish as quickly as possible while ensuring that every single one of your cherished possessions is handled with absolute care. Use these tips to ensure a seamless transition out of your old home and into your new one.

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