Transit Protection Worksheet - Interstate Moves

Transit Protection Worksheet - Interstate Moves

At Interstate Moving & Storage we recognize that relocating you and your family is more than simply moving possessions from here to there. Your treasured belongings represent a lifetime of experiences. Locked within them are stories of success and challenges, happiness and sorrow, triumph and joy. Ensuring our customers have the desired level of transit protection for their cherished items has helped us earn an unyielding reputation for customer satisfaction since 1943.

Top Hat® Protection (Option 1)

When you need full replacement protection for your belongings, consider Interstate’s Top Hat® Plus Protection Plan, which covers all of your items up to their total replacement value.

To determine the value of your belongings, you should refer to the coverage you currently have established with your Homeowner’s or Renter’s insurance policy. The value you declare, as a minimum, must be equal to $6.00 per pound times the weight of your shipment. To adequately protect your possessions, you should select a lump sum amount equal to the actual replacement value of your items. If you undervalue your belongings, you will likely not be fully protected in the event of a catastrophe or total loss.

Using the adjacent Top Hat Plus Protection Plan Valuation chart, your actual declared valuation and corresponding charge will be rounded up should it fall between two levels of protection.

Plus Protection Plan Valuation Chart
Protection Level No Deductible $250 Deductible $500 Deductible
$6,000 $94 $75 $60
$10,000 $149 $119 $95
$15,000 $165 $132 $106
$20,000 $198 $158 $127
$25,000 $220 $176 $141
$30,000 $264 $211 $169
$35,000 $308 $246 $197
$40,000 $352 $282 $225
$45,000 $396 $317 $253
$50,000 $440 $352 $282
$60,000 $495 $396 $317
$70,000 $501 $400 $320
$80,000 $572 $458 $366
$90,000 $644 $515 $412
$100,000 $660 $528 $422
$100,001+ $0.66 $0.53 $0.42
For protection levels exceeding $100,000, apply the applicable rate per $100 of declared valuation

Basic Protection Plan (Option 2)

This level of protection is Interstate’s most economical option and is offered at no additional cost to our customers. Your belongings are protected with only minimal coverage. Under this option, Interstate assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound, per article for either loss or damage. This means that any loss or damage incurred will be settled based upon the weight of the individual article(s) multiplied by a factor of 60 cents.

Should you elect this level of coverage, you will be required to sign the Contract/Bill of Lading stating that the Basic Protection Plan is the level of coverage you have selected.

Top Hat® Plus Protection Plan vs. Basic Protection Plan

Example: Assume a three-bedroom townhouse shipment of 13,000 pounds (for comparison purposes you should base your example on your personal shipment weight). A five-year-old grandfather clock weighting 200 pounds with a replacement value of $1,200 was damaged during the move.

Top Hat® Plus Protection Plan Basic Protection Plan
13,000 x $6.00/lb. equals value of $78,000 13,000 pounds x $.60/lb./article
$80,000 maximum protection level 7,800 maximum liability on entire shipment
Cost for protection on PU/DEL: only $572
(with no deductible)
Cost for protection: $0.00 x $.60/lb./Article
Cost of grandfather clock: $1,200 Cost of grandfather clock: $1,200
Top Hat Plus Protection Plan coverage: grandfather clock Basic Protection Plan coverage:
200 lbs. x $.60 = $120

Note: Interstate Transit Protection plans are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations contained in its published tariffs.

Interstate’s Top Hat Plus Protection Plan: When a customer selects the Top Hat Plus Protection Plan, Interstate will repair or replace, at its discretion, any household item in the event that it is damaged, lost, or destroyed during the course of a move, up to the dollar amount the customer declares as the replacement value of their possessions. Complete replacement of multiple-items sets (including china, crystal and silver flatware) is excluded. Replacement is based at the current ‘full replacement value,’ not a depreciated value.

Interstate’s Top Hat Plus Protection Plan is priced based upon a deductible option selected by the customer and the value that is placed upon the customer’s shipment. A customer must declare a minimum value equal to at least $6.00 per pound times the shipment weight. Shipments of less than 1,000 pounds must declare a minimum value of $6,000. The cost of protection is based on actual weight of shipment or the declared value, whichever is greater.

The terms and conditions of Interstate’s transit protection plans apply only to household possessions, and  is available only on shipments within the continental United States, and shipments to or from Canada. Protection plans for storage-in-transit will vary.

Which Level of Transit Protection is Appropriate for Your Belongings?

While Interstate’s Basic Protection Plan is the most cost effective in the short term, it may not provide the level of protection that your family needs due to the fact that your household items may have values greater than what this minimum level of protection provides. As a result, in the long run it may not be the most cost effective protection plan.

Once again, your Homeowner’s or Renter’s insurance policy may provide you with a better sense of exactly what coverage is appropriate for your belongings.

The home insurance industry typically suggest that household contents be protected to an amount equal to 50% or more of the value of your home. High value items should be factored into this amount separately.

Home Value:    $300,000
Protection %:   50%
Protection Level:    $150,000
Your Home’s Value:                  
Protection %:                 
Protection Level Needed:              

Independent insurance actuaries recommend that average household actually be valued at approximately
$6.00 - $8.00/pound.

Shipment Weight: 12,000 pounds
Value/Pound:    x $8.00
Protection Level: $96,000

Your Shipment’s Weight:               
Protection Level Needed:               

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