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I have moved many times and this has been the best move I've experienced to date.  From the minute Lynn took on the job, she has made me feel like my house and my goods were special.  She is attentive to details, has excellent follow up skills, rolls up her sleeves and does what it takes to get the job done, on time, and with excellent results.  Moving is difficult in the best of circumstances, but with Lynn on the job, I was not stressed.  She invoked a high level of trust for the security and care of my goods and me, at all points during the process.

My move was complicated by multiple stages of moving out, storage of some of the goods, and a schedule that my company didn't make easy on any of us.  Lynn remained unrattled throughout.  Not only was she able to turn on a dime, she exuded calm and a cheerful "get it done" attitude, no matter the complexity.

Lynn is unique in her ability to operate at a level of minute detail one minute and general overall strategy and problem solving the next.  It's a skill I find rare in others, but I sure appreciate it when I do see it.  I feel quite fortunate to have had someone to work with on my move that could do both.

When I have a standout positive experience, I think it's important to praise the person responsible and to let their supervisor know about it.  I can't speak highly enough of Lynn and my impression of Interstate as a result of working with her.

Vicki B.

I want to thank you and both teams that worked the Rock Creek (Providence) model this week. Both crews were some of the best I’ve worked with – and were beyond efficient. And personally, thank you for staffing both days so that I wouldn’t have a problem getting home in “Maryland traffic” to pick up my daughter!  I was honestly a little worried about it earlier this week (especially with my husband being out of town) but there was zero stress from this move.

Lindsay Y.

I was absolutely compelled by the prestigious level of service I received from Interstate. My liason with the company, Joe Dugo was a MONUMENTAL help. Being my first time moving on my own, Joe answered every question and addressed every concern, no matter how trivial. My relocation team arrived at my moving site 30 minutes early and had me out of my old house and gracefully into my new one in a mere 4.5 hours (I timed them). My relocation team were as quick as they were carefully and very professional. I would highly recommend Interstate to anyone moving, especially those similar to myself who have busy schedules and find the issues of moving stressful. Thank you so much for your immaculate services, and for sending me YOUR BEST team. (If they get any better than that, you could name your price). Thanks again for you excellent services.

Brandon B.

We were very satisfied with the move by BoxCart/Interstate.  Leon and Shirley are true professionals as well as nice people.  The movers and packers worked hard and were friendly and responsive to our needs.  The move was not cheap, but I can think of no better use for the cliché that you get what you pay for.

Jeff and Daniele R.

We have just completed our office move and had the opportunity to work with James McDonnell and Tom Novack.

As is expected with any move, it is always a very stressful time as well as logistical and detail intensive. James' planning and taking into consideration every level of detail was spot on.  I am happy to say that he correctly projected that the move could be done within the short time frame. Other movers claimed it was impossible.

The move was as we had hoped it would be - on time, organized, thorough and efficient. Tom was just wonderful at supervising a very efficient and professional group of movers and ensuring that all items were packed and delivered safely without any damage.  We really appreciated his hands-on approached and availability to find solutions when needed. And he finished the entire move within the time frame projected!

We also appreciated the next day post-delivery visit by Tom and James to ensure that all items were in their rightful place.  You have a great team - we would work with this group again.

Diane W.

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