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You’re relocating, but not to just somewhere in the U.S.; you’re heading across the seas. So, what normally might seem to be a reasonable level of move-related stress, likely jumps to a highly elevated stress level, considering all the logistics, timing, customs issues and costs involved – especially foreign exchange rates.

Relax. When we say, “Interstate handles everything for you,” we really do! From planning, scheduling, logistics, and navigating customs in your new home country, to transporting your household goods from the foreign port or airport to your new residence, Interstate is here to help, taking all the stress and worry out of your international move.

We understand that overseas moving presents its own, unique set of circumstances, challenges and budgets and time constraints. That’s why our nation-specific, international moving specialists will be here to advise you, expedite your move and help you every step of the way. Whatever the challenge, whatever the circumstance, Interstate is ready and able to recommend a solution and to help put it into place. 

There are two ways to transport your household goods to other parts of the world:

  • Air Freight– Certainly the fastest way to start and finish overseas moving. Air freight transports your goods the quickest possible way, but you will pay more to do so. We advise using air transport if your move is driven by a tight timetable or your most essential possessions “have to be there” right away.
  • Ocean Freight- Ocean freight costs less and delivers your possessions safely, but takes longer to arrive. We often advise this method of transport for larger shipments of your least essential, general household goods. Based on your shipment size, Interstate can provide a lift van, exclusive or shared-container service.

Interstate’s overseas moving services include:

  • Container Packing and Shipping - The work starts with a visit to your home by one of our shipping professionals.  They will survey the size and range of goods to be shipped and then deliver the right kind and size of container to your home for your international move. Then we’ll pack your goods, load them for you and ensure the container is properly and securely sealed for safe travel abroad.
  • Packing / Unpacking - It is essential that your household goods be properly wrapped and packed for safe, damage-free shipping overseas. Interstate is proud to use only high-quality materials to safely wrap your items and then store them in boxes and cartons.
    Rest assured that specialty items, heirlooms, antiques and artwork get special TLC. We measure and pack them in customized crates for the best possible protection of your most valued goods. Cars, pianos, boats or whatever – if you need it shipped, we’ll do it with the utmost safety, security and TLC!
  • Export Documentation– Navigating through customs is an acquired skill that changes, nation-to-nation, based on national laws and regulations.   Interstate’s experts prepare and organize your paperwork with detail and accuracy for the international move to help your possessions move through customs with hassle-free ease.
  • Insurance– Protecting your possessions with marine insurance is essential. Our overseas moving service offers comprehensive coverage – delivering the door-to-door protection you want and need – covering your items from the moment they leave your old home right until they are delivered to your new home.
  • Long-Term and In-Transit Storage – Our global service providers store, monitor, and deliver all or part of your items according to your exact specifications. These service providers are subject to Interstate’s quality standards, guaranteeing our international and domestic customers receive the same Top Hat Service they have come to expect.

  • Special Moves such as Art, Antiques, Boats, Cars & Pianos– Have a vehicle or specialty item requiring overseas moving? No problem! International Sea & Air Shipping will expertly pack and crate your delicate art and antiques, carefully wrap and transport your piano, and safely ship your car or boat for your overseas move.

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