Moving Tips: Shipping Cars Internationally

Moving internationally means moving larger items, like cars, that require additional planning. For big jobs like this, always contact a reputable, reliable shipping company, like Interstate’s Overseas Moving Specialists & Shipping Services, for high-level care. Follow these tips for the best shipping experience possible!

  1. Plan Ahead: Allot yourself enough time for the international car-shipping company to pick up your vehicle, or for you to drop it off with them, prior to your departure date. Shipping your vehicle can take a significant amount of time depending on where it is going.
  2. Prepare Car: By making several small preparations, you can ensure a smoother shipping experience. Prior to the shipment, give your car a detailed clean. Take out any personal or valuable items such as GPS systems and Bluetooth devices. Consider making a copy of your key in case a set of keys is lost during transport. Most companies recommend that the car has ¼ tank of gas for transporting purposes.
  3. Make Sure You’re Covered: It is best to insure your car for shipment in case of any damages. Though your company will use the utmost care in their delivery, international shipping is a long and complex process and it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Take Picture: To ensure that your car is delivered at your destination in the same condition as when it left, take photos. If something does happen to the state of your car during transporting, these photos will help during the file-claiming process.
  5. Customs Procedures: If cars are being shipped long distances, they will be passed through multiple ports that have different customs procedures. Information regarding the customs procedures will be given to you by the international shipping company. These companies typically work with a broker that is able to help assist your car through the various customs procedures and confirm that your car arrives safely and on time.

Happy shipping!

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