The Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Moving Company

Are you moving and have hired an expert to move you? Follow these guidelines to ensure your move goes seamless.


  1. Pick the right mover. A good mover will make your transition smooth and less stressful.
  2. Ask questions. Write down agreements between yourself and your mover to avoid miscommunication, and acquire all the helpful literature you can from the carrier.
  3. Understand the mover’s liability and availability of additional protection to cover lost or damaged items. Consider insuring more valuable belongings.
  4. Make sure that the estimate inventory matches the shipment inventory of your household goods. This will help you quickly realize if anything has been lost in transit.
  5. Advise the company with all important contact information such as cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and origin and destination addresses.
  6. Be certain that everything is accounted for before the van leaves the origin point. After everything is moved in, check again before the van leaves the destination point.
  7. Notify your mover of any damaged or lost items within 30 days of your move.


  1. Don’t fail to study and further understand your estimate contract with your moving company. You don’t want an error in paperwork to end up costing you extra or changing your timeline.
  2. Don’t expect the carrier to provide boxes, cartons, dish-paks or barrels or packing material free of charge. Ask the carrier beforehand what will be provided, and make plans to acquire other packing material you need.
  3. Don’t expect moving companies to provide maid, appliance or other services free of charge.
  4. Don’t plan to leave your house before the moving van has departed.
  5. Don’t fail to be prepared with the appropriate type of funds to pay the moving company at the end of the move. It will only add to your long and stressful day if you need to go find a checkbook or cash before you can start getting settled in.
  6. Don’t sign any receipt for your household goods shipment until you are certain that all items have been loaded at origin, any damage to the property has been recorded on the shipping papers and all items have been delivered at destination.

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