Establishing A Positive Team Dynamic

It is a rite of passage to be part of a team in your lifetime. Whether that is little league baseball or executive leadership at a large corporation, there are specific dynamics, like collaboration and communication, that go along with joining a team. At Interstate Moving | Relocation | Logistics, we rely on our Crew Leaders to maintain a strong team dynamic when on the job. It is important do the follow these steps when establishing communication and collaboration with a team.

Ed Mattern
Ed Mattern, Director, Quality
  1. Ensure all team members understand the common goal and purpose of the task at hand: Establishing strong lines of open communication will foster opportunities for great teamwork. Start your day off with a team meeting to explain today’s goals. Ensure that your language promotes collaboration and emphasizes working together. Allow team members to ask questions or share any additional thoughts.
  2. Encourage and give praise:  Crew Leaders should stay on top of crew member’s pulse. It is important to start each shift on a positive note and be able to offer assistance if an issue arises. A smile, a fist/elbow bump or a simple “Good Job” goes a long way. When team members ask questions or present a new way of tackling a project, respond in a positive manner such as, “That is a great idea” or “How can we work that into our day?”
  3. Offer constructive criticism: No one likes being the “bad guy.” When it comes to correcting your teammates, ensure that it is for the benefit of the team as a whole, not personal preference. It is better to be perceived as a helpful coach than a harsh dictator on the job. Remember you are all working towards the same goal.

In over 20 years of moving industry experience, I have learned that days may be long and the work tiring, but if you have the right attitude when it comes to managing your team—you will have a greater appreciation for the work you have done together.

By Ed Mattern, Director, Quality
Interstate Moving | Relocatoin | Logistics

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