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Interstate understands the importance of mission-critical data center operations and a zero tolerance for service failures from equipment acquisition to end-of-life-cycle disposal. For firms that build, operate, monitor and maintain IT and data center infrastructures, we provide the peace-of-mind assurance for moving your assets.

What to declare when moving back to the USA

When you return to the United States after living or traveling abroad, the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency requires that you declare the following:

International Moving Tips

Tips for an International Move

Before traveling, make sure you have:

International Resources

An international relocation requires extensive planning and coordination. Whether you are using Interstate’s international relocation assistance or not, take time to learn as much as you can about international travel and your destination country.

Protecting Valuables

To fully ensure your possessions arrive at their new home in excellent condition preparation by you is important. Upon booking a move, you will be asked to take inventory of all items that will be moved by Interstate. The list should include everything that you have packed with all boxes, crates and containers, clearly marked with the contents and room in which the items will be placed at the destination location.

Moving with Pets

Consult with Your Vet

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian about your pet before making any plans. Depending on the age and physical condition of your pet, your vet may have some specific recommendations, such as medication to prevent motion sickness.


Your children's responses to moving will be as individual as your children. As a parent there are steps you can take to ensure your move is a positive experience for your children.

Stress-Less Moving Countdown Calendar


Three Months Prior to Moving

  • If possible, plan your move outside of the peak season (late spring and summer months). Most movers are booked during this time, which makes it hard to hire the mover you want.
  • Survey your house (don’t forget the garage, attic, shed and basement). Start making mental lists of items that will not be
    moving with you.
  • Have a yard sale to get rid of items you will not be moving. Donate unwanted items to organizations such as The Salvation Army.

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