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Moving Tips: Six Expert Tips for Moving your College Kids Home

Welcome to the time where your college kid moves home. While you’re probably not looking forward to the astronomical increase on your grocery bill, you’re most likely thrilled to see your kid. Here are six quick moving tips to make sure the transition home is a smooth one:

Why You Should Trust Your Move to a Certified ProMover.

Interstate, a Certified ProMover, was happy to host the American Moving & Storage Association’s (AMSA) video shoot this month and provide our very own training house and professional move team members to help the video come alive.  AMSA President and CEO, Scott Michael, and his team did a great job producing the “Trust Your Move to a ProMover” video--just in time for National Moving Month and the peak moving season! Check it out here and find out why you should trust a #ProMover.

Call This Meeting to Order.

Thank you for accepting my invitation to this meeting.  The topic may be an important one.  In fact, this may be the most important meeting you have attended in a while.  The objective of this meeting is to explain a concept publicized by #DavidGrady, an information security manager, who has started a movement that I would like to encourage you to join.  It is called No MAS.

Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) While Moving Internationally

We live in a more connected world where safeguarding our personal information is ever more difficult. Perhaps this is why we are sensitive to the unnecessary publication of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Some of our clients have been unpleasantly surprised to see their name and other personal information gathered from their shipping documentation appear in Internet searches. The reaction is understandable given our quest for and right to privacy.

Status Update: I’m Moving.

When you are moving, you want to shout it from the rooftops. Whether you want to give people a heads up about your change of address, or vent openly about the trials and tribulations everyone faces during an impending move, security experts warn against publicly posting about your transition on social media. Here’s why: would-be burglars might see it as the perfect opportunity to break in and make off with your prized possessions.

Holiday Safety Tips

Don't let your holidays be ruined by becoming a victim of crime. With many flocking to  stores over the next few weeks in search of deals and gifts for the holidays, criminals targeting shoppers will be on the lookout for potential victims. Extended store hours and larger crowds attract this type of criminal activity.

How Colder Climates May Impact Your Move

As you may know, the moving industry has a seasonal surge of business during the summer months when children are out of school. Due to the high volume, moving during the summer can certainly be challenging, but is not the only time of year that requires special planning for a move. Moving during the cooler months or in colder climates can have its own challenges if you are not properly prepared.

Moving Tips: How to Move and Keep the Kids Happy at the Same Time.

You’re moving, so these days, you’re constantly juggling. You should be able to pack up your entire house, move and unpack, and still maintain your status as Parent of the Year, right? Just keep in mind that your move will be a short footnote in your family’s story. And although it may seem like the moving process is packing in all your time, be sure to make some time for your kids, and involve them as best as you can.

Moving Tips: How to Label Boxes

Forget thinking outside the box; today, we actually want you to think on the box. Planning ahead about the way you label your boxes, and actually taking a little bit of extra time to properly label can save you lots of time when you go to unpack. Too often we think, I’ll remember what I packed! In reality, once you have reached your destination, you will be surrounded by boxes that all look alike, going on less sleep than normal, and amped up on caffeine. There is no way you will remember what you packed in each box.

Moving Tips: How to Keep Pets Happy and Safe During a Move

You get so wrapped up in your move that it’s easy to forget about your furry, four-legged family members. Here are some steps to take to make sure your pets are ready for the transition.

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