20 Keywords in the Moving Industry That You May Not Know

  1. AMSA: American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is a national trade association that represents carriers and agents in the household goods moving industry.
  2. National Arbitration Forum (The Forum): Administers arbitration program. An independent, non-governmental organization that is not affiliated with AMSA or with any household goods moving company.
  3. Arbitration: A dispute resolution process through which a neutral arbitrator will resolve your dispute instead of a judge or jury in court.
  4. Broker: A company that arranges for the truck transportation of cargo belonging to others, using for-hire carriers to provide the actual truck transportation.
  5. Tariff: A list of rates, rules, regulations and available services provided by the moving company. Each mover publishes its own tariffs which will be provided to you upon request.
  6. Estimates: A clearly written list of all charges for services that the mover will perform.
  7. Order for Service: A list of all the services the mover will perform that shows the dates your household goods will be picked up and delivered.
  8. Bill of Lading: A contract between you and the mover that contains a receipt of your belongings.
  9. Inventory List: A receipt listing each item you shipped and its condition.
  10. Carrier: The mover transporting your household goods.
  11. Accessorial Services: Services that include packing, unpacking, appliance servicing or piano carrying that you request to be performed or are necessary due to landlord requirements or other special circumstances.
  12. Advanced Charges: Charges for services performed by someone other than the mover.
  13. Cash on Delivery: Situation in which payment is required at the time of delivery to the destination residence (or warehouse).
  14. High-Value Article: Items valued at more than $100 per pound.
  15. Line-Haul Charges: The charges for the transportation portion of your move.
  16. Flight Charge: An additional charge for carrying items up or down flights of stairs. Charges for these services may be in addition to the line-haul charges.
  17. Long Carry: A charge for carrying articles excessive distances between the mover’s vehicle and your residence.
  18. Storage-In-Transit (SIT): The temporary warehouse storage of your shipment, pending further transportation, with or without notification to you.
  19. Warehouse Handling Charge: The charge that may be applicable each time SIT service is provided.
  20. Valuation: The monetary value that you declare for your shipment. This is the maximum amount for which your mover is liable in the event of loss or damage to your shipment.

Now that you are a moving expert, understanding your move contract will be a breeze!

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