Top Hat Service

Interstate and its affiliated companies provide our customers with worldwide relocation services of the highest caliber. We refer to this distinct standard, which was created by our founder Arthur E. Morrissette in 1943, as Top Hat Service.

Three characteristics define Top Hat Service: Quality, Innovation, and Training.

Quality. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality services to all of our customers without exception. Top Hat Service represents a daily focus on delivering excellence, which we define as performing the fundamentals of customer service to the best of one’s ability.

Innovation. As part of our commitment to providing Top Hat Service, we pledge to be at the leading edge of training, methods, and technology in order to provide total customer satisfaction, increase our market share, and earn long-term profitability.

Training. Top Hat Service can only be accomplished with a highly trained and experienced team that is recognized and compensated for their quality work. We regard the personnel who make up our team as our primary asset, and we treat each one as family. We firmly believe that a family of motivated and caring professionals will always provide Top Hat Service.

Top Hat Service Guarantee

Interstate guarantees a quality experience for all of our customers. We operate under the belief that:

Quality is the superior characteristic of a product or service that distinguishes itself from others by fully satisfying its intended purpose.

Quality is determined by the customer.

Quality is delivered by every employee of the organization.

Employees deliver Quality when:

  • They have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.
  • They are trained and encouraged to achieve their full potential.
  • They are presented with opportunities to use their natural abilities.
  • They are provided with feedback on their performance and are recognized for their accomplishments.
  • They fully realize that what they do makes a difference.

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