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As a military family we have encountered nine moves within the US and overseas.   After interviewing several friends who used Interstate Van Lines within the last several years, there was no doubt in our minds that this was the company we would choose to move us.  Also, the reviews on the internet were nothing but outstanding.

Bridget Martz, our Moving Consultant was one of the most highly knowledgeable and personable consultants we have had for any move.  As a result of her expertise, our move to NC was completely stress free. Bridget went above and beyond to always remain in constant contact, while keeping us informed of every detail.  She delivered boxes to our house on several occasions to assist in our prepacking.   She is exceptionally competent in her duties.

Packing day arrived and we were completely prepared for our move as a result of Bridget’s outstanding work.  The packing team (Regina, Nicole, Andrea) quickly demonstrated a high degree of skill and extreme care in wrapping and packing our house hold goods.  The ladies maintained a high standard of work ethics beyond any we have encountered on any move.  We would like to share our high praise to each of the members of the team.  We owe them a tremendous thank you for a job well done and to the highest standards possible.

Day Two/Three the Interstate truck arrived and the loading team (Mo, Chris, Daron, Marius, Jonathan) immediately put us at ease with their competence and high degree of skill in packing and loading the truck.  Each item was carefully wrapped and padded as if the item belonged to them.  We were thrilled that each item was wrapped inside our house before transporting it to the moving truck.  Above all, the team was very proficient and maintained a high degree of professionalism at all times.  They were extremely courteous and maintained a smile at all times even through the rain while loading the truck.  The team demonstrated years of training and a high degree of skill while preforming their duties in our home.  This was completely evident while crating our most treasured oil painting.  We extend our highest compliments to the team for a job performed extremely well and with the highest level of expertise.

We owe a high gratitude to Ebony Larijani who kept us informed on our move schedule through numerous phone calls.  A huge thanks to her for her outstanding service.

The Interstate mission statement is completely accurate.  You provided us with a relocation experience of the highest caliber.  The Countdown Stress-Less Calendar was very handy for us to gage our timelines.  You exceeded our expectations for a flawless move.  We will highly recommend Interstate Van Lines to any family member or friend.

We extend to the entire staff our gratitude and a tremendous thank you for an outstanding move/storage.

Chris and Cecelia S.

Thank you so much for checking in regarding our move last weekend! Things have been very overwhelming so I have not checked my home email until today or I would have responded sooner.

I was very please with how everything went with the move last weekend! I cannot say enough about the professionalism, dedication, strength, and excellence all four team members provided as they assisted us with getting everything out of the apartment, into their truck, and then back into our new home. They even provided insight and recommendations when it appeared some of our plans were not going to work based on the size of the rooms as compared to the size of the furniture, which was so helpful!

Please let Dobbs, Joe, Porter, and Michael all know how much we appreciated all their excellence!

Jennifer O.

I have had the pleasure of receiving support from your organization in a very large move from Japan to Germany. It has been absolutely wonderful working with the agent, Tram Brown. She has been absolutely knowledgeable about everything from the transition to travel arrangements. In the 20+ years that I have been traveling abroad I have never worked with someone so caring and professional. Any future moves I and my family make will always be through Interstate. 

Thank you so much for assigning such a terrific and caring professional to my family's move.

Aaron I.

Overall, I would have to say this was about the best move experience we've ever had!

We used Interstate to move us from South Run to Roseland last weekend and I wanted to let you know that the moving team represented Interstate well! They were amazing, and I wanted to adopt them all - what a good team you have. They worked well together and made it a seamless move.  Special kudos to Hector B. for his friendly manner and problem-solving skills. He really impressed me and I noticed that the guys looked to him a lot for guidance. On day 2, Arnold R. stepped up in the personality area - guess he was shy on Day 1, and he was very proactive and helpful, and overall just a delight to be around.  Mr. L was also amazing. Always quick with a smile, courteous, polite, very professional, hard-working and jumped at every request - very anxious to please the customer.  Juan P. helped me solve a couple of problems as well. Rigo, quiet and diligent, kept the move flowing and was there to answer questions and address concerns.  Marvin also stood out - would run over to me when he saw me trying to move or lift something heavy (actually, Mr. L and Arnold did the same). Such gentleman! 

Keep up the good work - I'm happy to be a reference any time!

Denise K.

I have used Interstate many times in the last 20 or 30 years and have always been very pleased with the move.  This last one in Arlington was extremely good. Your work crew did everything I could hope for. They were very professional, careful and timely. I have several complex pieces of furniture and some items which I wanted to be treated very carefully, and your crew handled this perfectly.

Stewart A.

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