Moving Tips: Six Expert Tips for Moving your College Kids Home

Welcome to the time where your college kid moves home. While you’re probably not looking forward to the astronomical increase on your grocery bill, you’re most likely thrilled to see your kid. Here are six quick moving tips to make sure the transition home is a smooth one:

  1. Ask your son or daughter to sort through his or her stuff, and make a pile of unused or unwanted items that will be suitable for donating. See more on this subject and Interstate’s partnership with George Mason University for Patriot Packout (@GeorgeMasonU) below.
  2. Keep clean clothing on hangers, and simply place them in garbage bags. It makes for easy unpacking when your son or daughter goes to hang them at home. (That’s assuming that your college kid actually hangs things in a closet).
  3. Place books and other heavy items in a rolling suitcase.
  4. Wash and fold bedding, and place directly into an oversized tub with a lid so it’s ready to go for next semester. Pack warm weather items in suitcases, where they are easily accessible for summer. Wash and fold cold weather clothing, and place them in oversized tubs with cedar chips and lids so they will be ready for next year, too.
  5. Consider buying or renting a dolly. Most dorms only have a few on hand, and this way, you know you’re covered.
  6. Find out when most students are moving out, and make your plan accordingly to avoid the rush! Hauling items out of the dorm and into the car will be less stressful with fewer people using the elevators and the space.

Patriot Pack Out What inspired this moving tips blog?
Each year, Interstate partners with George Mason University for Patriot Pack Out, a university wide event at the end of spring semester that inspires students to donate or recycle unwanted or unused items that are still in good condition. Over the last eight years, 72,000 pounds of clothing, furniture, appliances, and books have been given to families in need through Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS). NVFS estimates that last year alone, $34,000 worth of belongings benefited people who needed help.

From now through May 18, 2015, donation drop-off points will be strategically located throughout George Mason’s campus, encouraging students to take a few minutes during finals and move out to drop off their things. Once all the items have been collected, Interstate will safely transport and distribute items to Goodwill of Greater Washington (Fairfax County Locations) and the George Mason Food Pantry. 

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