Helpful Packing Hints

Please review these important guidelines
prior to your move:

  • You or an authorized representative, 18 or older, must be present during packing, loading or unloading. If you assign another person (adult) as your representative, a written letter of authorization must be presented.
  • If you elect to do any of your own packing, the following information should be written on one end of the cartons you pack: customer name, general contents of carton, and room identification.
  • The original manufacturer’s packaging or carton, if available, should be used to pack computers, electronics, valuable collector items and other highly breakable or sensitive items.
  • The original manufacturer’s packaging should be used to pack flat-screen TVs. If unavailable, a third party service may be required.
  • All items should be readily accessible. Remove all items from crawl spaces and attics without permanent stairs. Remove all art, mirrors, draperies and hardware which have been screwed, bolted or otherwise affixed to walls.
  • Any items you do not want Interstate to move should be placed in one restricted area and clearly identified.
  • Washing machines, refrigerators and similar appliances must be clean, dry and disconnected. Inform your Move Consultant if the original packing kit for a front load washer is not available, as a Third Party Service will be required. If a Third Party services your washer, the packing kit should be saved for future moves.
  • Electronics and computers must be disconnected and power cord/connectors banded together for placement in carton.
  • Lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saw and similar tools must be drained of gas and oil by the customer.
  • The fuel level in automobiles, motorcycles or other vehicles being shipped must be as low as possible.
  • Waterbeds must be drained in advance and given sufficient time to dry.
  • You should advise your Move Manager of any items that need special care and handling. This includes large items which cannot go through normal door or stair openings and very heavy items. The mover is not permitted to remove doors, stair railings, windows, etc. This must be done by the customer.
  • All items of exceptional value must be listed on the Articles of Exceptional Value or High Risk/High Value form provided by your Move Manager, packer or mover.
  • You should advise the pack crew of any carton labeling you prefer for rooms or contents.
  • Walkways to your residence must be completely clear of obstacles and debris, including snow and ice.
  • Adequate space for Interstate's moving van must be available in front of your residence on the day of your move. We do not allow our vans to park in your driveway.

To ensure protection of your possessions and those of other customers, as well as our equipment and vehicles, the following items cannot be packed or loaded into the moving van:

  • Propane tanks are prohibited on Department of Defense moves. However, for other types of moves, we will accept purged tanks only with a valid certification provided by the purging service.
  • Aerosol cans, ammunition, bleach, flammables, fluorescent bulbs, liquor, and live plants.
  • Any goods that are not sealed or cannot be sealed in glass, metal or heavy plastic containers.
  • Liquids in glass containers which may expand or contract in high or low temperatures.
  • Liquids in plastic containers which are not factory-sealed to prevent leakage.
  • Valuable items such as coin or stamp collections, jewelry, cash, stock certificates, etc.

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