The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving with Pets.

Moving to a new home is stressful for your pets, too. Here are some helpful tips about what you should and shouldn’t do while moving with your beloved pet.


  • Get copies of vaccinations and other important paperwork from your vet before the move.
  • If your pet is prone to car sickness, talk to your vet about any medicine or food recommendations to keep your pet well during the drive.
  • Update your pets’ ID tags. Make sure to change the phone number, as well as the address.
  • Make sure you have a secure pet carrier/crate. There are carrier/crate restraints available that offer extra you’re not using a pet carrier/crate. Have a designated box or bag that has all the pet supplies you’ll need during the move. This includes food, water, snacks, treats, medication, and any other essentials your pet may need. If they have a favorite toy, be sure to bring it with you to help ease stress.
  • Move your pets last. During the move, try to keep them separated from all the hustle and bustle. If you can, drop them off at a friend’s house or at a kennel on moving day.
  • While driving to your new location, stop frequently. Your pets need exercise and water during the drive, as well as plenty of bathroom breaks!


  • Never put your pets in the back of a moving truck! Even if you’re renting it and driving, it’s not safe and the truck may get too hot or cold, or items may fall on your pet.
  • Don’t allow pets near doors while moving. It’s too easy for them to run out unnoticed.
  • Don’t feed your pet right before you get in your car to drive to your new destination. It’s recommended that you feed them 3-4 hours before you leave to give them time to digest and avoid car sickness.
  • It is not recommended that you put children in charge of pets on moving day.
  • Don’t ignore your pets. You may be trying to get to your new location as soon as possible, but keep in mind your pet needs attention and comfort during this transition.
  • Never leave your pet unattended in your car. Pets can overheat quickly, so even if you’re just stopping for dinner, it’s best to have at least one passenger in the car with them at all times.

When you get to your new destination make sure to find a new veterinarian and any parks you and your pet may enjoy. For more even more great tips on how to keep your pets happy and safe during your move, check out our other blog post: Moving Tips: How to Keep Pets Happy and Safe During a Move.

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