Moving Tips: How to Safely Pack Glassware

Packing glassware securely can be tricky, but by following these packing tips your glassware can arrive safe and sound at your new home.

Use Correct Packaging:
It is very important to use a moving box with a glass divider kit to separate and protect glassware. Moving glass divider kits are available at retailers such as Home Depot [ Professional dish pack moving boxes are available for purchase from your local moving company.  It is recommended that you use a sturdy, medium sized box. Large boxes tend to become too heavy or awkward to carry and transport. Packing materials such as newspaper, towels or any other type of soft material can be used. Bubble wrap is also an option, but is expensive and hard to recycle.  

Prepare the Moving Box:
Once the box is constructed, place several layers of crumbled paper on the bottom of the box. This will provide a protective cushion to help avoid damage to your glassware during transit.

Categorize Glassware:
Pack similar glassware together. For example, pack wine glasses with only wine glasses. This prevents breakage as similar items pack easier.

Wrap Each Glass:
Wrap each glass individually. Always pack the biggest, heaviest glasses first. Lighter glasses can be placed on the top. Be sure to wrap the entire glass!

Leave Room at the Top of the Box:
Do not pack the box all the way to the top. Leave space for additional layers of crumbled packaging paper.

Check the Packed Box:
Gently shake the box back and forth. You should not hear any glass clicking or significant shifting of contents. After checking, close and tape the box. Label the box “Fragile” on all six sides.

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