Moving Tips: College Move-In Day

Starting college is an exciting time! When planning your move-in day, avoid any issues by considering these tips:

Moving Tips College Move-in Day

Be Informed

Before moving into your new location, check your university’s website to better understand the move-in process. Get answers to these important questions:

  1. Are you able to arrive on campus early?
  2. Is there a helpful map or parking plan available for moving trucks?
  3. Is there a specific timeframe for moving in?
  4. If expecting to receive shipped items, what is the school’s policy?
  5. Will the mail room be open on move-in day to pick up packages?
  6. What are the university’s vehicle parking regulations?
  7. How do you get access to your new building and room?
  8. What appliances, if any, are allowed in your new building?

Plan Ahead

To eliminate stress, consider these tips when planning your move:

  1. For items that you transporting, carefully match the items with a vehicle that can carry them safely.
  2. If possible, ask a family member or friend who has recently moved to college for a checklist of items to bring so your dorm or room will feel like home.”
  3. Stock up on moving boxes, packing materials and labels.
  4. If purchasing new items, have the store send the items directly to your new location to avoid having to pack and transport more items.
  5. Place critical items in carry-on bags if you are flying.

Organize Your Belongings

By organizing items ahead of time, you will be more prepared for the start of your semester.

  1. When packing items, put similar items together and label appropriately. For example, for bathroom products, place all items in one box and label “bathroom.” This will make the unpacking process run more smoothly.
  2. Bring extra shelves, hooks and storage bins. This will help keep your items organized if you cannot fit them all in one area.

Coordinate With Roommates

It is important to communicate with your future roommate(s). If everyone is on the same page, move-in day will be much less stressful!

  1. Decide who is bringing what. It is best to begin with the big-ticket items like mini-fridges, televisions and microwaves.
  2. Coordinate times for move-in. Find out when your roommate is planning on moving in and plan around their schedule. It can be overwhelming and difficult to move everything in at the same time.

Follow these tips for a great move-in day!

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