Friends and Family Helping You Move on Moving Day?

On average, people move about 11 times throughout their life. You will most likely ask a friend or relative to help you move at least one of those times! To create a positive and stress-free moving experience for everyone, follow these five moving tips:

Friends and Family Helping You Move on Moving Day?

  1. Assess the Task at Hand: Do not underestimate the time or effort required to move. Well ahead of time, assess the items that need to be moved. It is important to be fully prepared and organized when your help arrives.
  2. Delegate Specific Tasks: Decide how you want to move. Are you going to assign individuals to particular tasks? Are you going to create teams and have each team tackle a room? Make sure that everyone knows what they need to do so that no one is idle and the move proceeds efficiently. Being unorganized costs time and makes people unhappy; avoid that by providing everyone with specific tasks and expectations.
  3. Be Prepared: Hosting a packing party with friends can be a fun way to hang out and involve them in your exciting venture! Have all supplies ready when your friends arrive. Supplies may include packing tape, packaging paper, labels and moving boxes, and black markers for labeling boxes.
  4. Plan an Accurate Timeline: Pick a time that works for everyone involved. Have realistic expectations when planning. Allow for a significant amount of time to carefully pack your belongings and wrap and protect your furniture with padded blankets prior to loading them into the truck. And, don’t forget to rent a moving truck, if needed! Reading our informative Moving Countdown Calendar blogpost will help ensure you do not overlook anything while planning for moving day.
  5. Give Rewards and Incentives:  Provide plenty of drinks and food for your helpers. If you are utilizing one of your friend’s trucks or cars, reimburse them for gas. Your friends and family are happy to help you move into a new chapter of your life. Do your best to show your appreciation for their help.

Happy moving!

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