Eight Tips for Getting Settled After Your Move

You’ve just moved to a new house and neighborhood–congratulations! Here are some great tips to help you get settled:

Unpack Essentials: The first items to unpack are the bedroom and bathroom. Moving is draining; have these two rooms unpacked and ready to go.

Conduct Inventory: If you hired a professional moving company to move your belongings, you have a time limited time to report any damages or missing items. Be sure to check all of your belongings thoroughly and submit a claim, if needed.

Change Locks: In order to secure your new home, change the locks. You do not know who previously had a key to the house.

Trash and Recycling: As you unpack, there will be a lot of cardboard moving boxes and other packaging materials. It is important to know which day trash and recycling is scheduled for your community so that you are able to dispose of the excess materials from your move.

Register Your Car: If you moved state to state, you need to register your car within 60 days of your move. You will also need to get a new driver’s license. Be sure to understand your state’s requirements.

Check Your Credit Reports: During the moving process, a lot of personal information is exchanged, leaving you possibly vulnerable to fraud.  It is recommended to check your credit reports after the first 6 months of your move to make sure no unusual activity has occurred.

Update Your Voting Address: Register to vote in your new location. Some states allow a grace period of 60 days using an old address for voting. Register at least two weeks out from an election to avoid any issues.

Childproof: If you have little ones make sure you childproof the room that they will be spending time in the most first. Then make your way through the rest of the house. The main areas of focus for childproofing are bathrooms, stairs, kitchen, and living room.

Enjoy your new home!

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